What makes us different

Or the reasons for choosing Residencia Itaca Fortuny

Take a look at what you will find at Residència Itaca Fortuny

At Itaca Fortuny you will feel at home!

The best location

The nursing home is located in the city of Reus. We enjoy a mild and sunny climate, in a quiet environment in the city centre and at 100m away from the main bus station and 5 minutes from the city centre.

Cozy and customisable rooms

We have individual and shared rooms (in case you want to be with your partner). All rooms are outward-facing and have an adapted bathroom. They have an intercom system with the centre’s professionals.

You can decorate it as you like and bring your favourite furniture.

You will enjoy the garden and outdoor spaces

We are surrounded by a large garden, where you will be able to receive visits whenever you want and enjoy all the facilities: the garden and its corners, the terrace, the common room, etc.

You will eat like at home

We have our own kitchen and our cook will delight you with homemade food that you will be able to share with your relatives, because they can visit whenever they want.

You will keep doing what you like best

At Residencia Itaca Reus we want you to continue enjoying an active, rich and amusing life. That is why we go on outings and participate in activities such as traditional festivals, shows, excursions, walks around the village, etc. And we celebrate all birthdays!

We encourage you to enjoy your hobbies and we collaborate with different NGOs doing fundraising activities for different causes.

You will enjoy Tina

At the nursing home we have a Labrador retriever, Tina, that you can pamper whenever you want.

This is what people say about us

  • It's my home in Reus.

    M.F (worker from Portugal)
  • The nursing home is my second house.

    R. M. (daughter of resident)
  • Assistance, warmth and affection.

    M. M. (daughter of resident)
  • A very nice place, very friendly environment.

    R.T (resident)
  • I am quite comfortable and I have experience of other nursing homes to compare with it, in a score of 1 to 10, I would give it an 8.

    J. C. (resident)

Do you still have any doubts?

Do not think it twice, come and meet us!

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